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Azziz receives University Senate resolution, Visiting Scholar appointment

Outgoing President Ricardo Azziz received another pair of honors this month.

On April 1, Azziz learned he had been appointed as a Visiting Scholar for the 2015-16 academic year at the Pullias Center for Higher Education at the University of Southern California Rossier School of Education.

Nominated by Professors Bill Tierney and Adrianna Kezar, the appointment gives Azziz temporary visitor status, meaning he’ll have access to USC services as well as shared office space in the Pullias Center.

Then, on April 20, the University Senate adopted a resolution honoring him on behalf of the more than 1,500 faculty members of the university he helped create.

Among the partial list of accomplishments, the resolution acknowledged:

  • Raising graduation rates and dramatically increasing the number of new freshmen successfully completing 15+ credit hours per semester
  • Creating a closely aligned, integrated, and successful health system to be part of Georgia’s only public academic health center
  • Earning the highest research funding in the institution’s history during the worst funding environment in decades
  • Moving the GRU Cancer Center toward NCI designation
  • Nearly tripling yearly philanthropic contributions, achieving the largest donation to a capital project in the university’s history, and also, separately, the largest philanthropic gift ever given to a public institution in Georgia
  • Obtaining funding and support for the construction of more than $200 million in new building space

Azziz, who earlier this year announced plans to step down on June 30, held his final State of the Enterprise address at noon on Wednesday, April 22.

University Senate honors faculty, retirees

The University Senate gathered to recognize faculty members who went above and beyond this past year during the university’s first Spring Assembly on May 6.

“It has been exciting and sometimes daunting, but we have done so much in a very small amount of time,” Senate Co-Chair Wendy Turner said with a smile. “But we know there is more to be done.”

Over the past year the Faculty Senate was formed, passed bylaws, and formed several committees to oversee key aspects of education and university life. But, after all the hard work, the foundation of a great faculty senate was created, according to Turner.

The University Senate held its Spring Assembly on May 6 and honored retiring and award-winning faculty.
The University Senate held its Spring Assembly on May 6 and honored retiring and award-winning faculty.

The evening then turned to honoring the special faculty members who went above and beyond this past year.

Dr. Debra Reddin van Tuyll received the Louis K. Bell Alumni Research Award due to her outstanding work in research and her publication record. Her work is gaining a lot of attention in the academic community.

Dr. Richard Deaner received the Outstanding Teaching Award for his energetic teaching style that gets students involved with the material. He has quite a reputation around his department for his energy and his sense of humor.

Dr. Jana Sandarg received the Richard Wallace Distinguished Service Award for her work with the Study Abroad Program that she directs and her work in the community. The Study Abroad Program has tripled it’s enrollment since she has been the director and her work with La Asociation Cultural Hispanoamericana touches many lives.

Dr. Abiodun Emmanuel Akinwuntan received the Outstanding Faculty Award for the College of Allied Health Sciences for his work with neurophysiology and neurology research.  He has received numerous externally funded grants to investigate the use of driving simulation and virtual technologies to evaluate and improve function in patients.

Dr. Daniel Levy-Bercowski received the Outstanding Faculty Award for the College of Dental Medicine for his work with orthodontics and the GRU craniofacial team. He continues to contribute to the scientific community with his literature and work.

Dr. Carlos Isales-Forsythe received the Outstanding Faculty Award for the College of Graduate Studies for his research with the National Institute of Aging Program Project. His research has opened a new avenue of study in bone biology and has resulted in 100 peer-reviewed articles.

Dr. Saundra Turner received the Outstanding Faculty Award for the College of Nursing for her work with the Family Nurse Practitioner Program and the development of the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program. She has also served on multiple committees and started a free clinic in conjunction with the College of Nursing.

Jeffrey Heck received the Outstanding Faculty Award for the Library for his work with the University Senate, various consolidation efforts and his work with the University Artifacts Committee. He serves as the Assistant Director of Libraries and is Chair of the Library Assembly.

Dr. Jack Chungkai Yu received the Outstanding Faculty Award for the Medical College of Georgia. Yu directs the Craniofacial Center at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia and serves on several committees. He also excels as a surgeon, educator, scientist, and leader.

The Senate also honored retirees during the ceremony.

Retirees honored by Senate

Dr. Carol Campbell

Dr. Randy Baker

Dr. Nabil Ibrahim

Richard Davis

Nancy Sutherland

Dr. Peggy Geren

Ronnie Harrison

Dr. Jeanie Hill

Dr. Alice Baernstein Pollingue

Gail Calvert Anderson

Dr. Sally Atherton

Dr. Ram Bellam

Dr. Eugene Betts

Dr. Robert Boedy

Dr. John Catravas

Dr. Lloyd Cook

Dr. Alexander Daley

Dr. Stevin Dubin

Dr. John Fisher

Dr. Adarsh Gulati

Dr. Reynolds Jarvis

Dr. Dennis Ownby

Dr. Anthony Pearson-Shaver

Dr. Dale Sickles

Dr. Roger Vega

Dr. Elizabeth Daniels

Dr. Barbara Kiernan

Dr. Saundra Turner

Promotion and Tenure policies ratified

According to the University Senate Bylaws, we needed a “Quorum of Whole Faculty for Electronic Voting. Twenty-five percent of the membership of the whole faculty as defined in II, 3 and II, 4 also constitutes a quorum for the electronic vote, except as noted in Article V, 1.2.”

The number of eligible voting faculty, according to the Bylaws for the University Senate, is 1167. Twenty-five percent (25%) or 292 votes were necessary for the vote to be valid. We received 354 votes or 30%. The GRU Policies for Promotion and Tenure had 268 or 76% in favor and 86 or 24% not in favor.

The Promotion and Tenure policies have been ratified by the Assembly of the faculty. Thank you all for voting.


Wendy J. Turner and Rob Sorrentino