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Pediatric Emergency Department gets a new look

ER renovationsRenovations to the Pediatric Emergency Department were completed in early January, and the changes are more than just cosmetic.

“We increased our capacity by three rooms, and that can make a large difference in the number of patients you are able to treat,” Pediatric Emergency Department Medical Director Dr. Natalie Lane said. “We treat almost 30,000 patients a year, and we needed this expansion to grow.”

The renovations also created new intake and triage procedures that allow the Emergency Department to treat patients more quickly and with greater efficiency.

“We now have a station where a greeter helps the patients register,” Lane said. “Now our nurses can focus more on triage and treatment. Also, we redesigned a preexisting room in the waiting area where we could examine patients faster and get a better idea of what treatment may be needed. Some less severe cases may receive treatment at that point and not even require the use of an emergency bed, which saves rooms for more ill patients and reduces waiting times for all patients.”

The renovation also gives them more flexibility and bigger beds for some patients, which can be important as the Pediatric Emergency Department treats children up to 18 years of age. The new paint, wall protection, and flooring will provide a fresh look for years to come. “We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to make this change for our patients and our staff,” Lane said.

The renovations were not easy, according to Facilities Project Manager Jon Graybeal.

“We tried to do most of the work late at night, hopefully, to disrupt fewer people,” he said. “But it is hard to do that work when the place is always open.”

According to Graybeal, the renovations included new exam rooms, a new entrance, and a repurposing of several areas. The ED also received new furniture, lighting, wiring, paint, flooring, and more.

“We started in July and finished up early this month (January),” he said.