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2015 Spring Commencement recap

JaneChen_PhotoGraduation speaker Jane Chen, a TED Senior Fellow and the co-founder of Embrace, a company that has created an inexpensive baby incubator that could save millions of lives worldwide, asked the graduates and those filling the James Brown Arena to watch the commencement ceremony to take a moment to contemplate the great cathedrals of Europe.

Why, she asked, would people – whole generations of people – devote their lives so tirelessly to building monuments they would likely never see completed?

“I think it was because they believed in a purpose that was far greater than themselves,” she said. “And as we gather here and you move on to your next steps, I ask each of you to think about what the cathedral is that you want to build. What is the legacy you want to leave behind?”

That message seemed to resonate with the more than 1,000 graduates (check out photo gallery here), many of whom looked as if they were taking the question to heart.

“If you can dream it, you can build it,” Chen finished. “So go out there and make your cathedral a reality.”

Click here to read The Augusta Chronicle’s article on how Chen encouraged GRU graduates to follow their passion rather than pleasing others.




Embrace CEO to serve as GRU’s spring commencement speaker

AUGUSTA, Ga.- More than 1,000 students are expected to participate in Georgia Regents University’s commencement exercises on May 8, at 2 p.m. at the James Brown Arena.

This year’s speaker will be Jane Chen, a TED Senior Fellow and CEO of Embrace, a social enterprise that developed an innovative baby incubator solution designed to address the global infant mortality in developing countries.

With a career that includes a blend of business and social sector experience, Chen has worked with several non-profit organizations to shed light on the healthcare issues in developing worlds.

She spent several years as the program director of a startup HIV/AIDS nonprofit in China and assisted with the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Health Access Initiative to address the HIV/AIDS crisis in Tanzania.

Chen is also the former management consultant for Monitor Group where she advised Fortune 500 companies with strategy development, marketing, and acquisitions.

Recently, she was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and she was profiled by the Dove Real Role Model campaign for her Embrace work.

Chen holds a master’s degree in business administration from Stanford University and a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University. She also received her bachelor’s degree from Pomona College.