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Campus pageantry promotes Jaguar pride

As Georgia Regents University prepares for the beginning of a new school year, campus branding is giving the institution a new, and very tangible, sense of identity.

First came the addition of Jag heads on the campus street signs. Then came the rollout of the wrapped buses, which brought GRU and the “I Chose” campaign out into the community. Now, the campus itself is starting to exude the blue and grey of Jaguar Nation.

“It’s there to do a couple of things,” Dr. Mark Allen Poisel, vice president for enrollment and student affairs, said of the pageantry. “One is to build that sense of community and excitement around the university. And it is also key to our recruitment piece, because I want students, parents and visitors to know where they are whenever they’re on tours or walking around on campus.”

It also helps those already on campus to embrace who they are, he said.

Jag head aCurrently, Jag heads are already up at the D. Douglas Barnard, Jr. Amphitheatre, and by mid-September just about every building on the Summerville campus should be resplendent with some piece of Jaguar pageantry.

The more contemporary buildings, like the Jaguar Student Activities Center, will have modern-looking wall stickers and floor graphics, while the older buildings will have appropriately historic-looking flags and bunting. All, however, will have something that makes it clear they’re on the campus of Georgia Regents University.

According to Poisel, having a unified look is particularly important to the new arrivals, who are anxious to feel a sense of pride in their new institution.

IMG_5930-copy“We’re bringing in a new kind of freshman that expects this kind of displayed identity and whose parents expect it,” Poisel said. “We have more students coming from out of the area, so they don’t know a lot about GRU, but I’d also argue that we’ve got a lot of people in the area that don’t know a lot about the new GRU, so that identity piece is really important.”

“I still remember the first time I saw a bus with the ‘Success is a Choice’ theme ‘in the wild’” said Jack Evans, vice president for communications and marketing. “I was rushing between meetings, and feeling pretty stressed out. The bus pulled up next to me, and my mood completely changed. It made my day to know that people all over the area could see that message. In the same way, I think the environmental graphics will amplify the sense of pride and excitement people feel for GRU and really reinforce a sense of place.”

Poisel agreed.

“The reality is, people notice it,” he said. “If you see 100 people in grey shirts, you notice. If you go into an office and everyone’s wearing blue shirts, you notice, and that says something to the community. It makes a presence, and that presence is something people identify with, and that gives a sense of pride.”

Wrapped for show: ‘Rolling billboards’ hit the streets

It’s a colorful fusion of the practical and the pretty cool – buses wrapped to promote GRU.

Currently, three wrapped buses are on the streets, with six more scheduled to show the colors by the middle of June.

Bus3While some, like the three currently in service, will be wrapped in a GRU Jaguar scheme, others will be decked out in variations of the “I Chose” campaign, featuring students and inspirational graphics.

bus4And because the individual buses will switch routes to meet the fluctuating ridership demands, each bus will be seen in various parts of town.

It’s one more example of GRU getting out in the community, promoting pride in the fact that our town is home to a vibrant and innovative institution of higher learning.

According to Jack Evans, Vice President of the Division of Communications and Marketing, the buses are an example of GRU’s story being told in a new way to inspire key stakeholders to choose GRU.

“Our division aims to tell the story of GRU in innovative and bold ways,” he said. “We now have mobile outdoor advertisements of Jaguar Pride.”


Evans named VP of Communications and Marketing at GRU

Jack Evans has been named Vice President of Communications and Marketing at Georgia Regents University, effective immediately.

Evans, who began serving as Interim Vice President in April, will oversee communications and marketing functions for Georgia Regents University, Georgia Regents Health System, and Georgia Regents Medical Associates.  As the principal communications and branding advisor, he will work closely with the executive leadership team to promote, enhance, and protect the university and health system brands and to address the strategic messaging needs of the organization.

“Communication plays a critical role in the success of the organization,” said Karla Leeper, Chief of Staff to the President and head of the university’s external affairs divisions. “Jack has imagined a new approach to ‘telling our story’ by working to create a departmental structure that more closely aligns the communications and marketing functions with the mission and vision of the institution. I am confident that his experience and passion will serve us well as he works to build our national and global reputation as a leader in health care, academics, and research.”

Evans came to GRU in 2005 to oversee the standardization and improvement of campus digital communications and information resources. Since that time, he has gone on to serve as Director of University Communications, Associate Vice President of Communications and Creative Services, and most recently, Interim Vice President of Communications and Marketing.

A communications and marketing professional with more than 20 years’ experience, his leadership was instrumental in the successful creation and branding of GRU/GRHealth, a $1.2 billion enterprise.

Evans received his bachelor’s in communications from GRU.

New Georgia Regents University website launched

After more than a month of design and hosting work, the new Georgia Regents University website  (www.gru.edu) launched on Tuesday at approximately 9 p.m.

“We are very excited about the design of the new website,” Senior Vice President for Communications and Marketing David Brond said.  “We think that it has a professional, clean look, representing the university well and making it accessible to all our visitors.”

That was the goal: to create a modern and bold design that is intuitive for the public, according to Trend Influence Chief Strategy Officer Beverly Anderson. Trend Influence, which worked with the Office of Communications and Marketing to design the website, is the Atlanta-based company that also designed the GRU logos, seal and colors.

“It was a collaborative effort, we worked closely with Jack Evans (Associate Vice President for Communications and Creative Services) and his team to create something that works well, but has a visual impact,” Andersen said.

The development team considered many factors during the process, according to Andersen, including integrating social media and merging the previous website into the current one.

“The design is as forward as GRU is itself,” Andersen continued. “We wanted to tell the story of GRU in a proactive way, featuring a lot of photography and video. We wanted the message to be compelling.”

The website’s use of images allows it to tell the story of GRU, according to Andersen. From the students, to the community, to the staff and the buildings, the website strives to give visitors a sense of what GRU is.

“And we also wanted to design it so that it could evolve with the university,” Andersen said. “It allows for constant change and it can give people a reason to come back and click through.”

Behind the scenes, Evans and his team in the Office of Communications and Marketing were doing a lot of the heavy lifting on the project, working hard with the Enrollment Management team to make sure that the website was done on time for the launch of the university.

“We agreed on the design on Dec. 20, so we’ve been working around the clock to make sure the site was functional,” Evans said. “The homepage, enrollment management and several other pages have been completed. We are going to be working for weeks to come moving the other pages over to the new website one by one.”

Evans said that the new website will still have links to some of the pages from the former websites from Augusta State and Georgia Health Sciences, but those pages will have a banner explaining the process.

The team has also been working hard on joining the communications between the schools for the new university.

“We have integrated our online information systems so that we have news from the ASU Report, GHS Weekly Report and The Connection in one section,” he said. “And, of course, we are asking for suggestions for a new name for the new online publication.”