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CHOG awarded for patient-centric imaging

GRHealth has earned a Patient-Centric Imaging Award from Health Imaging magazine for its makeover of the pediatric imaging suite at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. The awards, developed in conjunction with the American College of Radiology, reinforce the importance of patient engagement in health care delivery and honor radiology groups for using imaging to improve quality and patient outcomes.

This is the second award for GRHealth – the first was earned in 2013 for patient care advances in the Breast Health Center.
“We are thrilled to be recognized again by Health Imaging for our efforts in improving the patient experience in radiology. But, by far, the most rewarding part is seeing the children smiling and laughing while they’re here. It’s like they are disappointed when they have to leave.” said Dr. James V. Rawson, chair of the Department of Radiology and Imaging at the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University.

A pioneer in Patient- and Family-Centered Care, GRHealth has long recognized the importance of including patients and families in the planning process. In fact, the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, which opened in 1998, was one of the first GRHealth projects designed with explicit input of patients and families, and CHOG was twice recognized with design awards from Modern Healthcare Magazine and the American Institute of Architects Academy.

This interactive wall in the main patient lounge in pediatric imaging allows children to set things in motion, like these balloons floating through the air.

“So it was only natural to ask the experts – our young patients and their parents – when we embarked on the pediatric radiology redesign,” Rawson said. “When the first step is talking to the patient and the family, great things happen.”

The improvements included converting the traditional waiting rooms into patient lounges, the first of which is the main waiting area, which was transformed with soft lighting, comfortable chairs and the installation of an interactive video wall. As patients and siblings reach for the objects on a giant wall screen, corn kernels “pop” into popcorn, waves ripple across a puddle, bubbles float through the air, or any of about 80 other scenarios are set in motion. Families who prefer a more private waiting space may use the patient lounges inside the suite, where a series of cozy nooks are flanked with intimate seating and illuminated in varying colors of light.

More intimate, colorful patient lounges are inside the suite.

“Lighting has been an integral part of improving the patient experience in all our radiology areas at the hospital,” said Rawson. “When children enter a pediatric procedure room, they get to choose the color of lighting to help them feel more comfortable during their study.”

For fluoroscopy, the child gets to choose sound, too, such as waves crashing on the beach.

“By giving the child the opportunity to choose color, lighting and sound themes, we put them in control of their experience. On top of that, all our imaging studies are performed using low-dose techniques, because it’s vital that we limit every child’s potential for radiation exposure. It’s great to have fun, but patient safety must come first,” Rawson said.

Because the large machines used in radiology can be intimidating for a child, GRHealth worked with its alliance partner Philips Healthcare to install a Philips Kitten Scanner, a miniature simulated CT scanner, just outside the room that houses the actual CT scanner.

Children choose a character – a robot, elephant or alligator – to be a test patient. Then the child places the test patient on the table and slides the table through the Kitten Scanner. Since each character has a special chip inside, the scanner comes to life when the character slides through, and a voice from the machine explains what is happening during the mock exam.

“Children get to learn about their test by scanning toys in a scanner, and it helps alleviate their fears of the larger machine once they see what’s going to happen when they are on the table,” said Rawson.

Radiologists at CHOG say the Kitten Scanner has even helped cut down on the number of young patients requiring sedation for the CT scanner, another patient-centric benefit. They’ve also received feedback from families that the suite no longer feels like a hospital.

“No matter how many projects I work on, I am always amazed at the impact of the patient and family advisors,” said Rawson. “When you want to improve the patient experience, you start by asking the patient, and the outcome always exceeds expectations.”

The renovated pediatric imaging suite opened in stages over the summer, and there will be an official ribbon-cutting event with patients, families, and staff on Oct. 20.

The 154-bed not-for-profit CHOG is the second-largest children’s hospital in the state, providing the highest level of pediatric critical care and neonatal intensive care, as well as a wide range of general and complex health care for children.

CHOG was recently ranked as the nation’s best children’s hospital in quality and safety.

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Hospitals turn to outside firms to provide more clinical services [Special Report]

Hospital imaging often renders a disquieting financial picture. The equipment costs millions of dollars to either purchase or lease, is often manpower intensive to operate and usually needs replacement or major upgrades every few years. That’s not to mention the constant pressure to optimize patient throughput in order to pay for the equipment in the first place.

The GRHealth-Philips health care delivery model includes everything from equipment purchasing and maintenance to volume discounts and performance improvement initiatives.

Georgia Regents Health System, which operates Georgia Regents Medical Center, … decided to outsource responsibility for much of its imaging services. In 2013, it entered into an agreement with Philips Healthcare to not only provide new imaging equipment, but manage radiology and cardiology services, clinical monitoring of patients, and the relevant education and training for GRHealth staff.

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CHOG employee shines on ‘The Voice’

If you’re a fan of NBC’s “The Voice,” then you know that a four-chair turn from the judges means that a singer made quite an impression. Well that’s just what happened on the Oct. 6 episode when pediatric imaging’s Beth Spangler performed during the show’s last night of blind auditions.

The senior radiographer has worked at Children’s Hospital of Georgia for nearly four years; but, recently, her career has taken a new path.

Beth Spangler, a senior radiographer at Children’s Hospital of Georgia, is pursuing a career in the music industry.

“I’ve been singing my entire life,” says Spangler, who grew up in a family full of talented musicians. But something about this Aiken girl stood out. “I decided to take the initiative to seriously pursue a career in music last November, as it has always been my dream.”

In January, her first single  “Like a Bird” hit the shelves of major online retailers like Amazon and iTunes. This month, Spangler released her second single, “Bigger than Love.” The release of this single has put her back on MTV’s Most Popular Artists list.

You can cheer her on as she competes with other talented vocalists on the seventh season of this hit show. See the local NBC story.

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The Wall Street Journal Market Watch: Philips and Georgia Regents Medical Center Announce Roll-Out of Enterprise-Wide Clinical IT Platform to Improve Workflows and Enhance Patient Care

The Wall Street Journal Market Watch: Feb. 21, 2014

Philips IntelliSpace PACS 4.4 integrates imaging data with EMR giving clinicians a fuller “picture” of the patient across the entire Georgia Regents Health System.

Royal Philips announced a key milestone in its 15-year alliance with Georgia Regents Medical Center (GRMC) with the installation of Philips IntelliSpace PACS version 4.4, a single, integrated clinical IT platform that allows clinicians to access a patient’s complete imaging history from any department across the care continuum. The system will not only provide clinicians with a more holistic view of a patient’s health, but will also enable GRMC to extend access to imaging data to its more remote regional care facilities. The unique managed service delivery model of Philips IntelliSpace PACS encompasses total cost of ownership, simplifies IT operations and provides built-in flexibility, scalability and interoperability. Read more about Philips and Georgia Regents Medical Center Announce Roll-Out of Enterprise-Wide Clinical IT Platform to Improve Workflows and Enhance Patient Care

GRMC named Patient-Centric Imaging Award winner

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Georgia Regents Medical Center has earned national recognition for exemplary Patient- and Family-Centered Care practices in radiology. Health Imaging magazine has chosen the hospital as one of five recipients in the inaugural Imaging 3.0: Patient-Centric Imaging Awards.
The awards – developed in conjunction with the American College of Radiology – reinforce the importance of patient engagement in healthcare delivery and honor radiology groups for using imaging to improve quality and patient outcomes.

“Beginning with a mammography renovation in 2001, we’ve included patient advisors at the design table for all imaging improvements, including equipment purchases and installations. We’ve seen patient satisfaction scores improve, and we’ve become more efficient across the department as a result,” said Dr. James V. Rawson, Chief of Radiology at the medical center.
GRMC, an international pioneer in Patient- and Family-Centered Care, was featured nationally in PBS’s 2006 series “Remaking American Medicine” and in 2010 was named a national model in PFCC by the Picker Institute.

Other imaging award winners include Cincinnati Children’s Hospital; the University of Maryland and University of California; East West Health Centers/Invision Sally Jobe Breast Network; and Radiology Ltd. in Tucson, Ariz. The winning projects are published in the September/October issue and can be viewed online at HealthImaging.com.

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