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Benefits for same-sex spouses

As a result of the recent Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, Georgia Regents Health System benefits plans will now allow for coverage of same-sex spouses.

The following is a letter from Susan Norton, GRU’s Vice President of Human Resources and chief human resources officer, regarding the recent change.

“As a result of the recent Supreme Court decision, Obergefell v. Hodges, Georgia Regents Health System has made the necessary changes to our benefits plans to allow for coverage of same-sex spouses.

Employees who want to make a benefits enrollment change to add a same-sex spouse to their benefits coverage will be able to do so beginning July 13, 2015. The enrollment period will be extended beyond the normal 30 days to Sept. 1, 2015, to allow additional time to process the changes for employees/retirees who were married in a state that recognized same-sex marriages prior to June 26, 2015, the date the change became effective in the state of Georgia. Anyone married on or after June 26, 2015, will follow the 30-day change-of-status window currently provided by the IRS.

Information about how to enroll and required documentation will be available on the Georgia Regents Medical Center website beginning Monday, July 13, at go.gru.edu/specialenrollment.

Georgia Regents Medical Center and Roosevelt Warm Springs Rehabilitation & Specialty Hospitals employees, if you have questions, please feel free to contact the Medical Center Benefits office at 706-721-7909 or by email at GRMCBenefits@gru.edu.

Georgia Regents Medical Associates employees, if you have questions, please feel free to contact the Medical Associates Benefits office for enrollment information.”


Susan Norton
VP Human Resources, CHRO
Georgia Regents University & Health System

MGT. Training Series (Session 4) Understanding and Promoting a Multicultural/Generational Workplace

Today’s work environment is composed of many different cultures. Employers of choice truly value and appreciate the differences their employees bring to the organization. The more cultural differences and generational differences are valued and appreciated, the more successful an organization will become.

Cultural and generational differences can also cause difficulty in the work environment for some people. Never before has there been such a diversity of generations in the workforce. Four distinct, age-based cohorts coexist in the workplace. Each has different values, attitudes, expectations, needs, and motivations, all of which can make it more challenging to manage and integrate into a corporate culture.
This session will provide tools to enable participants to gain a better understanding of multicultural and generational differences to enhance communication and overall success on both a personal and professional level.

Course Objectives
• Identify and discuss multicultural differences found in the workplace
• Discuss the four generations found in the workplace today
• Discuss methods for enhancing communications with people from different cultures to promote a greater understanding within the work team and the organization
• Discuss methods for enhancing communications with people from different generations to promote a greater understanding within the work team and the organization
• Discuss benefits of understanding and promoting cultural and generational awareness to you as a manager, the people you manage/supervise, and the organization
Target Audience

This course is intended for all levels of GRU and GRHealth managers/supervisors. The course will begin on June 24 at 1 p.m. and end at 4 p.m. in Room: BC 130

For more information, contact Wanda O’Brien at (706) 721-4054

Retirement Strategies for Women

HR Workforce Development, in collaboration with VALIC, is pleased to offer an exciting training opportunity for all women in the workplace on Retirement Strategies for Women!

This free seminar is focused on overcoming the financial hurdles specific to women as they plan and invest for the future, and is ideal for those who recognize the importance of having a personal plan, a sound strategy and a consistent approach to saving.

Please join us for two exciting sessions:

Wednesday, May 27 – College of Allied Health Sciences (EC 1204); 11 a.m. to Noon

Thursday, May 28 – Education Commons Building (GB 1120-D); 11 a.m. to Noon

Enrollment for each of these sessions may be completed through Workforce Learn Online at http://train.gru.edu.

We hope you will make plans to attend one of these exciting and informative sessions.

Annual Compliance and Training Opportunities

Reminder to complete Annual Compliance Courses

This is a friendly reminder to complete all 2014 Compliance courses.  The deadline for completion of all courses for GRU and GRHealth employees is Friday, Jan. 16, by close of business.

All courses may be accessed through Workforce Learn Online at train.gru.edu.

Quick Tips Guides for accessing course content and for accessing a transcript for all 2014 Compliance courses grades may be found at:  gru.edu/hr/.  One overall transcript is now available for all 2014 Compliance grades on one page for review or print.

For any login questions, please contact the Help Desk at 706-721-4000 or submit a request online at gru.edu/its/help/.  For questions about your assignments, please contact Wanda O’Brien, Senior Training Specialist, at 706-721-4054.

Computers may be accessed in the Greenblatt Library and in Annex Building 1 (HS 1151). To schedule to use a computer in HS 1151, please contact Workforce Development at 706-721-8175 or 706-721-4054.

Workforce Development Training Opportunities

Workforce Development is pleased to offer exciting employee development training opportunities for January – March!  For a listing of all courses offered and to self-enroll in a course, go to: gru.edu/hr/training/index.php.

Workforce Development Courses Spotlight for January

Communication Skills and Attitude for Success (Jan. 22 – 2 to 4 p.m.) Health Sciences Campus – Auditoria Center (BC-1400)

Do you need to enhance your communication skills to communicate in a more positive manner?  Does what you say sometimes come out the wrong way?  This course will enable participants to gain a better perspective about the importance of positive and assertive communication.  Participants will learn more positive and empowering methods of communication to enhance relationships and connections with others both personally and professionally.

To enroll in this session: train.gru.edu

Contact Kimberly Hayes, Training Specialist, at kihayes@gru.edu or 706-721-3196 with questions about this course.

Effectively Communicating with Difficult People (Jan. 29 – 9 a.m. to noon) Summerville Campus – JSAC (Butler Meeting Room)

Why is it that some people we come in contact with are so difficult to get along with?  Are people really difficult, or is it the way we perceive them? This course is ideal for individuals wishing to acquire an insight into why people behave in challenging ways and develop strategies and techniques to deal with the difficult behaviors of co-workers and clients. Participants will work through scenarios providing them opportunities to practice effective communication skills to handle behaviors more effectively.

To enroll in this session: train.gru.edu

Contact Earnestine Hill, Training Specialist, at eahill@gru.edu or 706-721-7856 with questions about this course.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia Service Exception

Effective immediately, University System of Georgia Board of Regents employees covered by the following Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia Plans will have the option to obtain outpatient laboratory services at Georgia Regents Medical Center.  No longer will member employees be required to utilize Labcorp facilities for outpatient laboratory services. Standard coinsurance, deductible and/or copayments will apply depending on the member’s plan benefits.

  • Blue Choice HMO
  • Comprehensive Care
  • Consumer Choice HSA

Board of Regents members covered under Blue Cross Blue Shield IDX Plan Code – P162 HQ 4I9 are now exempt from the requirement to use Labcorp for nonstat lab services.

Blue Cross IDX Plan codes that will continue to be required to use Labcorp:

P251, P252, P253, P187, P188, P189

Blue Cross Board of Regents Health Plan Members are encouraged to contact the customer service center identified on their Blue Cross Identification card regarding plan benefits.  For hospital billing questions, contact Customer Service at 706-721-2961 for assistance.

Employee Engagement Survey, Nov. 10-30

1038x576-employee_survey_GRHealthIt’s time to share your perspective and ideas about what Georgia Regents Health System can do to sustain a positive, productive, inclusive, and effective work environment. The first phase of our annual Employee Engagement Survey will run November 10-30.

This phase includes all employees of Georgia Regents Medical Center, Georgia Regents Medical Associates, and selected Shared Services (Advancement, Compliance, Facilities, HR, OCM, and Supply Chain).

So, tell us: How are we doing? How can we do better?

This survey provides employees with the opportunity to give feedback on the work environment, management, leadership, and organization effectiveness. It should take approximately 15 minutes to complete, and employees are able to complete it during their shift or normal working hours.

There will be contests and drawings for prizes for participants. There will be random drawings conducted throughout the survey administration period. Complete your survey early in order to be eligible to win a prize drawing.

Survey Champions, advocates and champions of the survey, will be available. They are also available to discuss the survey at team meetings. If you have questions, please see your Survey Champion, manager, or call Human Resources at 706-721-9365.


University Employees Open Enrollment is underway

Open Enrollment is underway for university employees until Nov. 14. University benefits-eligible employees should note changes, including mandatory re-enrollment in some plans to prevent loss of coverage.

Information, including premiums, is posted at gru.edu/hr/benefits/enrollment/index.php. Active employees can make changes to their benefits by logging into SoftServ (softserv.gru.edu).

University employees are urged to attend an information session. Dates and locations:

Open Enrollment Information Sessions:

Nov. 11, 9-10 a.m., Summerville Campus — University Hall, room 221

Nov. 11, 1:30-2:30 p.m., Health Sciences Campus — Health Sciences Building, EC-1218 AFLAC PGA Tour truck on campus Nov. 11

AFLAC PGA Tour truck

The GRU community is invited to visit the AFLAC PGA Tour truck Monday, Nov. 17, from 1-5 p.m. in the Annex 1 parking lot. AFLAC is an official sponsor of the PGA Tour. Visit aflac.com/aboutaflac/nationalsponsorships/aflac_pga.aspx for more information on AFLAC’s sponsorship.

Shared Sick Leave Program Reminder

Georgia Regents University will be implementing a Shared Sick Leave Program. This program will allow all regular, benefits-eligible employees of GRU, with a work commitment of one-half time (20 hours a week) or more to voluntarily contribute unused sick leave to a pool for use by another benefits-eligible employee who is also a member of the program and who is experiencing a personal life-threatening or emergency medical condition or catastrophic injury or illness as defined, and which has caused or is likely to cause depletion of all the employee’s accumulated paid leave.

You may sign up for this program during University Employees Open Enrollment, which has begun and will run through Friday, Nov. 14. The program will take effect Jan. 1, 2015.

Please visit the Benefits Web page at http://gru.edu/hr/benefits/university_benefits/university_benefits.php to review the policy and forms.

AFLAC information sessions, PGA Tour truck

AFLAC representatives will be on hand during Open Enrollment information sessions for benefits-eligible university employees Nov. 3-14.

Information session dates and times:

Nov. 4, 9-10 a.m., Health Sciences Campus — Large Auditorium, BC-1040

Nov. 4, 2-3 p.m., Summerville Campus — University Hall, room 354

Nov. 11, 9-10 a.m., Summerville Campus — University Hall, room 221

Nov. 11, 1:30-2:30 p.m., Health Sciences Campus — Health Sciences Building, room 1218

The university will continue to offer the following AFLAC plans:

  • Hospital Protection Insurance
  • Personal Accident Indemnity Insurance
  • Maximum Difference Cancer Indemnity Insurance

The GRU community is invited to visit the AFLAC PGA Tour truck Monday, Nov. 17, from 1-5 p.m. in the Annex 1 parking lot. . AFLAC is an official sponsor of the PGA Tour. Visit aflac.com/aboutaflac/nationalsponsorships/aflac_pga.aspx for more information on AFLAC’s sponsorship.


No Ebola cases in Augusta

A Message from Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kevin Dellsperger:

You may have heard a rumor that we had an Ebola patient at our hospital, but that is not true. There are no confirmed Ebola cases in Augusta at this time. And if we are fortunate, perhaps we will not see the virus here.

However, if we do have a confirmed case, our Ebola Core Team will do everything possible to isolate and contain the patient to help prevent further illness.

To see coverage about our Ebola preparations, read today’s article in The Augusta Chronicle.

In addition, we will activate our Incident Command Center to ensure that we maintain a safe, effective operating environment throughout our hospitals and clinics.

As a leading health care provider in this area, our employees are on the front lines every day, providing quality, personalized care to patients with all kinds of illnesses and health issues. And I can assure you that it is far easier to provide our best care when we don’t have to battle fear and rumors.

We hope we can squelch those rumors by reminding you that we are diligently planning, preparing, drilling, evaluating, and improving the plans we have in place to deal with the possibility of Ebola. If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor.

GRU and GRHealth Staff and Faculty Service Recognition Breakfast

GRU and GRHealth honored employees for 5, 10, and 15 years of service during the Staff and Faculty Service Recognition Breakfast on Oct. 7 at Christenberry Fieldhouse. This campus-wide program publicly recognized employees for their valued years of service with presentations led by Dr. Ricardo Azziz, President, Georgia Regents University, andCEO, Georgia Regents Health System, and Susan Norton, Vice President for Human Resources, GRU and GRHealth. Honorees were recognized by Dr. Carol Rychly, Vice President for Academic and Faculty Affairs, GRU; Dr. Peter Buckley, MCG Dean and Interim Executive Vice President for Health Affairs and Interim CEO for Georgia Regents Medical Center and Georgia Regents Medical Associates; Anthony Wagner, Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance/CBO, GRU and GRHealth. This special celebration boasted a full buffet breakfast and was attended by over 280 honorees, supervisors, managers, and senior leadership.

It was an honor to recognize the 569 employees for their dedicated years of service. Honorees who were unable to attend the Oct. 7 event will receive a certificate and service pin via campus mail.

To view the Service Recognition video footage, the list of honorees, or group pictures, visit the Human Resources Service Recognition Web page by clicking here.