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Modified Early Warning System detects early clinical deterioration

MEWSStarting today, the Modified Early Warning System (MEWS) will help care providers on two nursing units monitor and improve a quicker response to patients experiencing acute clinical deterioration.  This early warning system uses vital signs to identify patients at risk. This will promote early detection and prevent a delay in intervention or transfer of the deteriorating patient to a higher level of care.

MEWS is a simple physiologic score which is generated when a care giver takes patients vital signs. The current vital sign machines used on the medical surgical units are capable of generating this score based on a patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and temperature. A MEWs score of 3 or greater will trigger an early warning alert to include more frequent monitoring, notify the patient’s physician and activate the Rapid Response Team (RRT).

“It’s an extra, added protection for our patients that help us identify deteriorating patients early before they become critically ill” said Savannah Agee-Magee, a nurse manager on 4 South.

The system, which is currently being piloted on 6 North and 4 South, is being implemented through GRU’s groundbreaking partnership with Phillips and Cerner. Eventually, the entire hospital will be equipped with the early warning system.

“Research shows that oftentimes patients who code display warning signs hours before,” Agee-Magee said. “That’s why we’re implementing the system.”

The pilot program is part of phase one of the project which included additional staff training and vital sign machine upgrades. Other phases of the project include uploading vital signs to the electronic medical record and sending automatic alerts to key care providers when the patient’s score triggers an alert.  MEWS will help caregivers be even more proactive in their ability to safeguard a patient’s wellbeing.

The Children’s Hospital of Georgia (CHOG) uses a similar system, called the Pediatric Early Warning System (PEWS).

New IT Help Desk available 24x7x365

This morning, the current IT Service Desk will transition to a new centralized Help Desk staffed with a team of highly skilled, trained professional service delivery associates who will be available to assist you any time, day or night, 365 days a year. With an imperative to deliver consistent, high-value service, our Help Desk associates will answer your calls quickly and help resolve your IT issues expeditiously. The new Help Desk will be located at Cerner’s corporate headquarters in Kansas City.

For the past several months, Cerner has been working on-site with our local IT team to ensure a smooth transition to the new Help Desk. A comprehensive assessment was performed to gain insight into the local environment and current business processes, including our specific IT customer service procedures, workflows, and escalation methods.

What is happening to the local Help Desk staff?

No jobs have been lost!  All current Help Desk associates will be assigned to other duties to further enhance the value of IT services for Georgia Regents University and GRHealth.

How do I obtain help?


Call the same Help Desk

numbers you have always called



or 706-721-7500


University Hall – Room 156

Summerville Campus


Education Commons Lobby

Health Sciences Campus


New Walk-in Help Desks

  • New student-focused walk-in Help Desks will open on both campuses for quick assistance with minor issues.
  • The walk-in Help Desk for the Summerville Campus will move across the hall from its current location in University Hall to Room 156 inside the Educational and Collaborative Technology Center.
  • The walk-in Help Desk for the Health Sciences Campus will move from its current location in the Greenblatt Library to the lobby of the new Education Commons Building.

New Help Desk Web Portal

  • A new Help Desk Web Portal will be available for you to submit your non-urgent electronic requests for IT assistance. Click the IT Help button on the PAWS intranet home page or the red Help button on the JagNet portal home page.
  • On your initial visit to the Help Desk Web Portal, you will be asked to complete a simple, one-time registration process in order to begin submitting and viewing requests online.

With the introduction of the new Help Desk, the current methods of requesting assistance via email and online chat will be retired. With skilled staff available to take your calls 24x7x365, calling the Help Desk will give you the most expeditious and most satisfactory results. Contacting individual associates directly instead of the Help Desk will not get you faster service and will be counterproductive.

We appreciate your patience and feedback as we work through the development of a new Help Desk business model to better serve the needs of Georgia Regents University and Health System. If you have general feedback or questions for the IT leadership team, please email us at information-technology@gru.edu. If you need to report a specific service-related issue, please telephone the IT Help Desk at one of the numbers listed above.

Michael CasdorphAssociate VP and Deputy CIO

Information Technology

Belita L. SmithPrincipal Alignment Executive

Jaguar Collaborative