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Jaguar of the Week – Dr. Angela Bratton


Dr. Angela Bratton, Associate Professor in the Department of History, Anthropology, and Philosophy, is the Jaguar of the Week.

Bratton is an expert in her chosen field, a fact that is readily apparent to anyone who has ever had the pleasure of speaking with her about anthropology. She is also the author of the book An Anthropological Study of Factors Affecting the Construction of Sexuality in Ghana, in which she explores the concepts of gender, identity, and teenage pregnancy in Ghanaian high schools.  She also is a lover of knowledge, a professor who takes a great deal of satisfaction from sharing her passion for anthropology with her students.

Before joining Augusta State in 2005, Bratton taught at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, for a year as a visiting assistant professor. Since coming to Augusta, she has traveled the world. In addition to her annual volunteer work in Belize, she also has spent time in Turkey, South Africa, New Zealand/Australia for study abroad trips and research. She has also traveled to Nigeria and Cameroon as part of the USG’s African Council Faculty Development Seminar.

While many people would consider their publications or work abroad their greatest accomplishments, Bratton feels like the work she does in the classroom is her biggest achievement. Explaining to students that every action has a potential global ripple effect is important to her, as it’s something many students–as well as others–often seem to forget.

“I think that a college education is about preparing people to be citizens in our community,” she said, making note of common student misconceptions about the importance of earning a degree. “Getting a job is part of that, but it’s not the only part.”

In the past year, she’s noticed that more and more students seem to lack the necessary drive to learn. For those students, Bratton has some sage advice.

“I’ve seen a trend where I have so many students who it seems their goal is to do the least amount to get by,” she said. “I would say if you’re going to sign up for a class, make the most of it. You’re going to get out what you put in.”