Do you have an idea to make GRU better?

The early stages of the planning process for the next Quality Enhancement Plan is underway, and they want to know how you would make GRU a better place.

A QEP Core Team is looking for a “theme” for the next plan, or a general idea that the university can focus on and center events around to make campus improvements. You can submit a theme online and learn more about the details at

“How we select the QEP is as important as how we execute it,” Provost Gretchen Caughman said. “Your involvement at this early stage will lay the groundwork for a dynamic, inclusive process involving all components of our institution.”

Now, it cannot be just any idea. It must be a proposal to enhance student learning in a specific, measurable way. And it should focus on areas for improvement, our strengths, and how we can provide students with the best education and preparation for the real world possible.

“The QEP is truly a plan for the future – a chance to create a legacy that will enhance education for generations to come. Thank you in advance for completing this survey and for your willingness to participate in future steps in the planning process. We guarantee that this is time well-spent.”

For more information, visit the QEP website at