Seal to identify activities funded by student fees

Georgia Regents University now has a Student Fee Seal to identify activities, services, facilities, or events that are funded by mandatory student fees. This seal is being used as an effort to ensure the GRU Community is aware of how fees are being used to help students in their educational experience at the university. Therefore, all student organizations, clubs, groups, or departments are required to display this seal on posters, fliers, and other promotional materials if they have received student fee funds for their events or programs.

Examples of fee-supported departments or divisions for which the seal applies include Student Health Services, Student Government Association, Wellness Center/Intramurals, Office of Student Life and Engagement/PawPrints, Athletics, Transportation, and Information Technology Services. For more information regarding the Student Fee Seal, call the Division of Student Affairs at 706-737-1411.

View below for a complete list of GRU’s student fees:

1. Student Activities Fee: This fee enables students to take part in all student activities offered through the Division of Student Affairs and the Office of Student Life and Engagement. Some examples of student life programming from the fall semester include:

a. CREW Events

b. Student Organization and Activity Fair

c. Lyceum Program Series

d. Student Clubs and Organizations

e. Student Government Association

f. Greek Life

g. Leadership Development and Civic Engagement

h. Multicultural Services and Events

2. Athletic Fee: The Athletic Fee supports the men’s and women’s athletic programs and includes student admission to GRU sporting events.

3. Jaguar Student Activities Center Fee: This fee is charged to fund the student activities center. There are many available benefits to all students in the JSAC.

4. Wellness Center Fee: This fee enables all GRU students access to the Wellness Center and to the benefits of having a Wellness Center membership including intramural sports and personal training program.

5. Technology Fee: The Technology Fee is charged to all students to pay for software, hardware, licenses, training, laboratories, systems, and any other student support technological item or service.

6. Transportation Fee: The Transportation Fee includes passage on the Jaguar Express Campus Shuttles which travel to both campuses and to GRU housing complexes. It also includes passage on the Augusta City Public Transit buses. This fee does not cover the parking permit.

7. Student Health Services Fee: This fee is used to assist the GRU Student Health Clinic in providing quality basic health and preventive services to the students of Georgia Regents University. Our staff of providers includes physicians, physician assistants, a clinical nurse practitioner, and counselors. The student health fee entitles you to all provider visits at no charge.