January Birthdays

Bobbie Gibbons January    1 Custodial
Werner Matson January  2 Information Technology Services
Dane Scarff January  2 Biology
Penny Alderman January  3 Sociology, Criminal Justice & Social Work
William Reese January  3 Sociology, Criminal Justice & Social Work
Shirley Huisman January  4 Sociology, Criminal Justice & Social Work
Raymond Whiting January  5 Institutional Effectiveness
Kristin Dawson January  6 Art
Rebecca Harper January  6 Teacher Education
Todd Hoffman January  6 English & Foreign Languages
Deborah Priester January  6 Custodial
Miriam Zecharias January  6 Reese Library
Randle Berlin January  7 Information Technology Services
Samuel Richardson January  7 Learning Support
Kathryn Slivka January  7 English & Foreign Languages
Donna Wear January  7 Biology
Sabina Widner January  8 Psychology
Leslie Wilcher January  8 Hull College of Business
Shannon Nix January  9 Counseling
Ramon Wood January  9 Landscaping & Grounds
Margery Collins January 11 English & Foreign Languages
Anna Hill January 11 Teacher Education
Clinton Amos January 13 Hull College of Business
Arlene Schler January 13 Continuing Education
Tunisia Williams January 13 Public Relations & Publications
Joanne Sexton January 14 Mathematics & Computer Science
Mike Garcia January 15 English & Foreign Languages
Michael Bishku January 16 History, Anthropology & Philosophy
Gordon Prettelt January 16 Business Office
Tamara Martin January 18 Business Office
Richard Ford January 20 Public Safety
Carol Giardina January 20 Admissions
Rick Pukis January 21 Communications & Professional Writing
Cynthia Craig January 22 University College
Matthew Whittington January 22 Reese Library
Brian Armstrong January 23 English & Foreign Languages
Louann Blocker January 23 Reese Library
Marsha Loda January 23 Hull College of Business
Margie Russ January 23 Music
Jewel Hobbins January 24 Music
Rodrigo Bustos January 25 Reese Library
Leza Witherington January 25 Communications and Professional Writing
Alan MacTaggart January 26 Art Department
Catherine Slade January 27 Hull College of Business
Camilla Baker January 28 Reese Library
Chris Adcox January 29 Public Safety
Matthew Bosisio January 29 Communications & Professional Writing
Joycelyn Tucker January 29 Sociology, Criminal Justice & Social Work
Maureen Akins January 30 Information Technology Services
Peggy Geren January 30 Educational Leadership, Counseling & Special Education
William Willis January 31 Art