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By Kim Gray, Grants Office, contributing writer

Funding Available for Digital Humanities Institutes

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Office of Digital Humanities is seeking proposals for innovative digital humanities training programs for scholars and advanced graduate students. Applications are due by Tuesday, March 6, 2012. Note that NEH program officers will review and provide feedback on proposal drafts submitted at least six weeks prior to the deadline.

Topics of interest for advanced digital humanities institutes include applications of the Text Encoding Initiative; electronic editing and publishing; scholarly communication and publishing; e-literature; textual analysis and text mining; immersive and virtual environments in multimedia research; 3-D imaging technology; digital image and sound analysis; information aesthetics and approaches to visualizations of humanities topics and research; computer gaming and simulations as applied to the humanities; high performance or supercomputing and the humanities; and advanced Geographic Information Systems applications.

Regardless of topic, digital humanities institutes are expected to accomplish these goals:

• Bring together humanities scholars and digital technology specialists from different disciplines to share ideas and methods that advance humanities research and teaching through the use of digital technologies;

• Reflect on, interpret, and analyze new digital media, multimedia, and text-based computing technologies and integrate these into humanities scholarship and teaching;

• Teach current and future generations of humanities scholars to design, develop, and use digital tools and environments for scholarship; and

• Devise new and creative uses for technology that offer valuable models that can be applied specifically to research in the humanities and to allow those methodologies and approaches to be shared with humanities scholars and teachers.

Collaboration is strongly encouraged: this program is designed to bring together humanities scholars, advanced graduate students, librarians, archivists, museum staff, computer scientists, information specialists, and others to learn new tools, approaches, and technologies and to foster relationships for future collaborations in the humanities. With all NEH awards, there is a priority for applicants that plan to give free access to the public and disseminate the products of their project widely.

Digital Humanities Institutes offer significant flexibility: they may consist of a series of short workshops held at multiple locations, or may be held at a single site for as long as six weeks. Awards provide $50,000 to $250,000 over one to three years. Cost sharing is not required.

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