Augusta University: FAQs

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To help ease the transition from Georgia Regents University to Augusta University, a site has been created at that will serve as a landing page for all communications regarding the changeover.

Please frequent this site often to make sure you have the latest information about this process.

Here is a list of the most recently added FAQs:

Why was this name chosen?

Augusta University has always been a much-loved name choice for our institution, and selecting it is recognition of the critical partnership that exists between our institution and our local community. The energy and enthusiasm generated by this partnership will be instrumental as we build our reputation as a national leader in teaching, research, health care and service.

When does the name take effect?

When the Board of Regents said the change is “effective immediately,” they authorized us to immediately begin working on an implementation plan. After thoughtful discussion and careful planning to ensure a smooth transition, an official date will be announced that will likely be some months from now.

What do we call ourselves in the meantime?

We will be GRU until the effective date of the name change. In some areas, external rules direct our actions, but in other areas, we can begin to gradually transition to the new name, and we will communicate these decisions on the website, which we encourage you to check often.

How does this impact our reputation nationally?

Dr. Keel and his administration understand that the enhancement of our reputation is a critical issue, and that questions and confusion, particularly from individuals outside Augusta, will need to be addressed. Whether we are called GRU or Augusta University, it is the stories about the great students we attract, the discoveries our researchers make, the exceptional teaching of our faculty, the compassionate healing done by our health care professionals and the service we provide to this great community that are at the heart of our story.

What do we do about logos and email signatures?

While we appreciate the enthusiasm so many have exhibited about the change to Augusta University, we would ask that individuals not create their own logos or signatures in the interim period. For the time being, please use “Georgia Regents University, soon to be Augusta University” in your email signatures and similar applications and use current GRU and GRHealth logos when needed until provided new ones.

Will we have the option of having dual diplomas?

That is one of the questions leaders will address. With previous name changes, students have been given the option to select a commemorative diploma in addition to their actual diploma. We expect to be able to do the same with this name change.


3 thoughts on “Augusta University: FAQs”

  1. When the two institutions were merging together, one of the names that was suggested was Augusta University, but it wasn’t chosen. The institution and departments spent so much money to make the necessary changes to GRU and now are being asked to do that once again to change to Augusta University. Since the BOR chose not to go with this name to begin with, are they helping to offset some of the costs that will be incurred with this name change?

  2. Will our school colors change? AU is the chemical symbol for gold. Will we incorporate gold into our colors? After all, we do strive to be the gold standard for education excellence.

  3. What will happen with the hospital? Ever since the consolidation, the hospital has suffered tremendously- through a mass exodus of critical staff- nursing, especially; poor morale due to a lack of transparent leadership, and financially due to the hospital footing the bill for TWO name changes across clinical & campus holdings. Could someone please step forward and lead this hospital- before we go building in Columbia County? Fix what we have first!!

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