10 thoughts on “President Keel speaks on new name”

  1. Georgia Regents was an established name that gained recognition, why have a typical city name. Very displeased

  2. Changing the name is just idiotic. The GRU name was finally coming into its own and now all the signage, decals, stationary, store products, etc will have to be changed which will cost millions. Why go out of the way to spend so much money, its just not financially wise. Also, GRU sounded prestigious…. Augusta University sounds like a community college. I chose this school BECAUSE it had a more prestigious name than many competitors, but now I am reconsidering how good of a decision that was.

  3. keep changing the name ( 3 names within 5 years for one place) really reflects unstable environment and hesitation that may lead to less confidence towards this institution and people working for it.
    I hope people direct their efforts to develop the institution rather than raising such disturbing issues.

  4. Where did you go to school? Clemson!
    Where did you go to school? Auburn!
    (I could go on)
    Where do YOU go to school? Augusta!!!
    Augusta University=AU=gold. Lets run with it.
    BTW, the true founding date is 1783. Really.
    Can we get our old aug domain name back, please?
    Enough with the GRUsome-ness.

  5. Our president has made the right decision, GRU to Augusta University.
    1. A university is great or not is not dependent on her name.
    2. We will have more stronger support from the local community.
    3. Funds including donations are the key for university development.

  6. I am so glad and so proud that the will of constituents and those really vested with ASU/MCG finally got their silenced voices heard. If anyone believes that the GRU name resounds widely in the US or elsewhere, misses the exact mentioned and argued for geonym ‘Augusta.’ I have been asked about GRU, and only when Augusta was mentioned the doubt cleared the air. ‘Augusta University’ or ‘The University of Augusta’ commands a clear, well-known, and a contextual recognition. As an alumn, I can’t wait to get my diploma reprinted with this new name in a near future, a task of no consideration with GRU! To doubters, GRU is well established name that cannotates Russian Clandestine Ops, or perhaps a religiously affiliated institution in Virginia. Think big! World matters. Augusta matters. Cheers…. BA’97 MBA’99

  7. Happy that the name Augusta is in the new name, but GRU sounds more like prestigious. I finally got used to GRU and now wasting all this money again to get new of everything. Georgia Regents University had gained recognition. Oh well, it is what it is.

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