Georgia Regents University – Augusta University: What You Need to Know

On Tuesday, September 15, the Board of Regents voted unanimously to change the name of Georgia Regents University to Augusta University.

We understand that this decision raises many practical and important questions involving the day-to-day operations of the university and health system. While the Board of Regents made the change “effective immediately,” a period of thoughtful discussion and planning is required in order to ensure a smooth transition.

To help ease the transition, a site has been created at that will serve as a landing page for all communications regarding the changeover.

We will work hard to engage our faculty, staff, alumni and friends in the transition process and will communicate information as we have it. Please continue to conduct business as usual until further notice. Updates will be posted as they become available.

8 thoughts on “Georgia Regents University – Augusta University: What You Need to Know”

  1. I graduated from MCG in 1974, back when the School of Nursing sent us to Augusta College for basic science and liberal arts – I understand split loyalties. We need Dr Hervey Cleckley to help our schools overcome these multiple identities and leave our traumas in the past. “August” means noble and prestigious. “Augusta” is associated with excellence (at least in golf). Augusta University it is – so run with it.

  2. How many millions of dollars was the last change? Are we seriously doing it again? That money could’ve gone towards research or tuition.

  3. How much have we spent on changing names? How much will we spend on changing it again? Where does the money come from? How much have we spent on research and teaching in the past several years? How much will we spend on research and teaching in the next few years? Have there been more people know us since we changed the name? Will more people know us because we change the name again? Has anyone done a cost-effective analysis on this? I really wish someone could answer these questions!

  4. As a co-worker put it, are we going to change our name everytime we get a new president? Honestly, there was nothing wrong with MCG Health Inc. We went through all of the uproar of changing the name from MCG to GRU and now we’re changing to Augusta University (which should have been that instead of GRU). Change is good, but at what expense. You have dedicated workers here who have not seen a raise in years, a portion of that money could have went to them. All of the new constructions that went on, some of that money could have went to research. Even though there are plenty else to be said, I will say prayerfully the name change will stop with Augusta University and we will work together to make this University more prominent so everyone will be proud as a school, hospital and most of all a work place. That’s just my opinion.

  5. Four name changes in five years is a mark of instability. The instability lies with the Board of Regents. Unfortunately, everyone associated with this institution, faculty, students, employees, patients, are the ones who will pay the price. This is a foolish waste of money that is needed in other areas of this institution. The Board of Regents did not listen when the city asked to have the combined institution to be named Augusta University. They need to reconsider their decision and leave the name alone. What is done is done.

  6. Go to the Board and ask them to unanimously vote in a raise for the employees who fall under this name change.

  7. Are they going to be supplying a degree with the new name to all of the unfortunate students who graduated in the tiny period that it was GRU since our degrees now mean nothing coming from a place that doesn’t exist? Are they supplying them? Or are alumni going to be paying a cost to get them?

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