Phase one of Student Center dining services expansion nearly complete

Phase one of the dining services expansion in the Student Center on the Health Sciences Campus is nearing completion, and phase two is well underway.

Students returning to campus on Monday, Aug. 17,  will find Starbucks open in addition to Simply-to-Go food options like pre-wrapped sandwiches and salads. Chick-fil-A will return, as well, with a mobile cart during lunchtime hours.

The Atrium Food Court will be open for dining in.

Phase two plans call for the addition of a full-service, cafeteria-style food line that will offer hot entrees, a salad bar, display cooking, a dessert bar and more.

The food line will be constructed on the first floor in the Atrium Food Court.

This comes in anticipation of the fall 2016 opening of the new student housing complex, which will house more than 700 undergraduate and graduate students combined.

“Once complete, the renovations will serve as a perfect complement to the new housing facilities located just yards away. Combined with the campus recreation opportunities at the Wellness Center, the site will serve as a hub for the entire GRU community,” said Dale Hartenburg, Assistant Vice President of Student Services.

The footprint of the Student Center won’t change, but the interior is undergoing a remodel to accommodate the new food line and to improve the overall aesthetics.

The first floor of the Atrium Food Court will retain its traditional, but refreshed, table-and-chair seating while the second floor will offer lounge space with couches and TVs.

The new venue will offer full service by fall 2016.

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