Sand Hills Magazine celebrates 40th anniversary

Sandhills staff photo
Creative Writing Students and Sand Hills Staff members (left to right) Calvin W. Pennywell, Jr., Diana Royal, Dylan Smeak, and Emily Lacey at the release of the 40th anniversary issue.

It is a special edition of the new “Sand Hills Magazine” as it celebrates the 40th anniversary of the publication.

Faculty advisor on the project Anna Harris said that the experience was one that she will remember but that the students deserve all the credit.

“This was my first year advising for Sand Hills, and with the anniversary, it was a big deal,” she said. “Both of my parents graduated from this school–then it was Augusta College–and my mother was included in the 1977 Sand Hills publication as a visual artist then.”

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, “Sand Hills Magazine” is a production of the English Department and showcases some of the best poetry, short stories, and art from around the university.

Harris said that there was a lot of history in this edition.

“The mother of our cover artist, Rosalind Avrett, was also the cover artist for a past issue,” she said.  “It was all very serendipitous.”

To prepare for the 40th anniversary, the students who designed and edited the publication looked over the prior issues and looked at examples from other schools to get ideas for this publication.

“I think it looks great, and it was special to see how they were able to set these goals and then go out and make it happen,” she said. “They made the most of this opportunity to really set a new standard for what “Sand Hills” will look like in the future.”

And, this edition was special for another reason, the first Georgia Regents University edition. The students took that seriously as well, according to Harris

“In the fall, when they started to work on the project, the students agreed to open up submissions to the Health Sciences Campus, as we are now one school,” she said. “And as it turns out, one of the award-winning submissions for this publication was written by a Health Sciences student.”

The students pick one poem, one piece of prose, and one piece of graphic art to honor as the best in each edition. The staff members make the choices for publication and award.  The process is blind so they do not know who submitted each piece when making their selections, according to Davis.

The winners for this edition were Amy Thorne for her poem “Firsts,” Health Sciences student Fahad Khan for his story “The Balloon Peddler,” and Rosalind Avrett for her art “Tour Jete,” which also graces the cover of the publication.

You can pick up the new edition for free at stands in Allgood Hall, University Hall or Washington Hall.