New Policy Management System Goes Live

On Oct. 13, the Georgia Regents Medical Center launched PolicyTech, a web-based policy management software that simplifies the process of authoring, approving, and distributing documents and capturing attestation. PolicyTech uses rules-based workflows and alerts to expedite the routing process and remind document owners when to update or retire policies.

PolicyTech will house policies and strategic plans for the medical center, university and practice plans; bylaws for the medical center; and the link to Mosby’s for clinical guidelines and protocols.

The initial phase will be rolled out to the medical center, followed by the university and Medical Associates.  Beginning Oct. 13  PolicyTech will be available for Document Owners to review and initiate new policies and for the review and update of existing policies.  The existing policy library will remain on the intranet site for reference until further notice.

This program should ensure timely review and the availability of appropriate versions of policies to staff, faculty, and students.

PolicyTech’s automated electronic routing also will save time for those who create policies, and its robust search function will save time for those seeking them out. The program automatically archives outdated policies.

Take the online training for the PolicyTech Reader and Attestation at

For the link to PolicyTech, visit under Enterprise Applications. If you have an issue logging in, contact the ITS Service Desk at 721-7500 or 721-4000. If you receive an error message within the application or if you have a question on how to use PolicyTech, call 721-0900 or email