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Be a key part of the QEP process through your ideas

Do you have a great idea to enhance student learning and experiential learning? If so, you could have the foundations for the next Quality Enhancement Plan, and you are invited to submit your proposal.

“We are hoping that we have as diverse involvement in this process as we had with the theme submission process” Cathy Tugmon, QEP Project co-leader, said. “Just as with the themes, anyone who is a stakeholder in GRU is invited to submit proposals — this includes students, faculty, staff, and alumni.”

But you should review the process and understand a little more about Quality Enhancement Plans, before you start. To find out more about experiential learning and the three subthemes, visit gru.edu/qep/.

“The committee is here to help you as you prepare to submit a proposal,” Tugmon said. “Our names and email addresses are on the QEP website, please feel free to contact us. The QEP website has resources on experiential learning, leadership, research and scholarship, and community engagement to assist with the proposal process and to spark ideas.”

The team wants the process to be a collaborative discussion which you can join by leaving your feedback on the website.

“Please feel free to use the resources available or add to them as you find new ones,” she said. “I know each and every one of you have some great ideas, that if developed, would impact student learning; this is your opportunity to submit that idea for potential development.”

The deadline for submissions is Nov. 3 at 11:59 p.m.

There are also three subthemes that the QEP Core Team identified, and one or more of them should be incorporated into the planning: leadership, community engagement, and research and scholarship. Also, proposals should have written and oral communication skills included in learning outcomes.

To find out more about QEP, the themes or the subthemes, visit gru.edu/qep. Updated information on theme profiles and proposal guidelines will also be posted.

Two QEP workshops will be held:

  • Oct. 2, 1 to 3 p.m., Washington Hall Towers, Summerville Campus
  • Oct. 27, 11 to 1 p.m., Magnolia/ Dogwood Room at Terrace Dining, Health Sciences Campus